How to Prevent Sink Clogs

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Simple Hack to Avoid Sink Stoppages

Property managers, here’s a simple hack to avoid sink stoppages 🚰 and prevent odors 🤢. Oh and home owners🏠, this works for you too!

Once a month, I want you to fill your sink completely with water – I’m talking brimful! This might seem like a lot, but trust me, it’s key 🔑.

Now with that full sink of water🚰, kick the disposal on if you have one, and then drain the whole thing in one go. The pressure from the full sink creates a powerful flow that pushes debris through the line, clearing out those pesky traps. ✅

For a grand finale, pour some degreaser down after the water. You can even add a squeeze of fresh lemon. This will tackle any remaining gunk and odors, leaving your sink smelling fresh and working smoothly.